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Opportunities for Improvement. A business term for examining weak areas of performance.
Today I received an agenda for a meeting that includes an OFI as one of its items.
#o.f.i. #oi #improvement opportunities #opportunities for improvement #office improvement
by morethanafiddle January 19, 2011
OFI is the abbrieviation of 'Oh Fuck It' a phrase often used at times of desperation.
Either can be used:

"Oh Fuck It I give up!"
"OFI, i'll pay cash"
"OFI, i'll drive"
by OFI July 15, 2004
adj/O.F.I.S - literally means 'OH Fuck its Sunday.'
Jeff- Oh thank goodness its friday
Bill- No its not its Sunday
Jeff- OFIS
#tgif #merry christmas #happy honaka #happy easter #ramadan
by Antons November 25, 2005
abbreviation for official meaning "thats wassup" or "thumbs up" agreeing upon a subject as well used in panama more than any other country
D: can you do this job?
J: yes
D: ofi- ill pay u when your done
#thumbs up #yes #head nodding #affermative #roger that
by Mumuti March 31, 2011
OFI-(text-abbreviation)- "Oh Fuck It!"
"OFI, I'm going to work"
"OFI, I'm going to kill this bitch"
#text #abbreviation #cunt #bitch #obama
by vpamelectricman February 16, 2011
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