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3 definitions by voodooKobra

To cause them to go into a blinding, seething, often-homicidal rage. See also: Infuriate.
Get someone's Irish up: "This mother-fucker is gonna get my Irish up if he doesn't get out of my way!"
by voodooKobra July 07, 2007
25 15
The elusive fourth characteristic attributed to God: Smelling entirely of bullshit.

Coined here: http://www.kobrascorner.com/opine/coined.php
Christian: "God is omniscient, omnipotent, and omnibenevolent."
Atheist: "You forgot Omniscent."
by voodooKobra February 11, 2009
5 2
A series of epic fails.
In what was a total suckcession, Brian managed to alienate everyone in the room, trip in a ridiculous manner, give himself a concussion, then make a drunken pass at his boss's son.
by voodooKobra July 24, 2010
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