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An offensive or loathsome person.
Mr. McGregor is a shitcake - he calls the police whenever anyone steps on his lawn.
#asshole #shit #turd #creep #dick
by von Trips August 29, 2009
Perfunctory applause motivated by a sense of obligation or politeness rather than from genuine enthusiasm or admiration.
Mary's version of "Killing Me Softly With His Song" generated only par-four applause from the karaoke audience.
#applause #premature clapulation #plaudits #clapping #ovation #standing ovation
by von Trips August 29, 2009
An exclamation used by nerds to express surprise, anger, or disappointment, and which is used in lieu of words that are considered by the nerd to be profane or vulgar, e.g., God, damn, shit, fuck, etc.
Friend: "The Mariners blew the game in the ninth inning."

Nerd: "Guy!"
#god #curse #epithet #swear #cuss
by von Trips August 29, 2009
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