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a person who is always looking out for you
i was upset but my guardian angel was there to comfort me
by Viper March 14, 2005
One of many words used by the great Ace Rockolla, in which "cock" is substuted for "dic" Other related words: cockulary, incockate, precocktion
What a ricockulous thing to say!
by Viper November 21, 2002
1. A supporter of the Communist Dictator of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez.

2. A Venezuelan communist.
See the chavistas cheer as Hugo Chavez steels more land and assign it to "groups of the population" and "organized communities" from rural areas.
by Viper March 07, 2005
Another Irish phrase for a bullshiter
Jack your some shit merchant
by Viper April 24, 2005
A Irish phrase meaining that someone is a bullshiter
Johnny; I won the lottery last night
Paul; Man your some Gank Warrior
by Viper April 24, 2005
a bastardization of "free" Snoop Dizzog can be thanked for this new trend of urban talk.
I get all of that food fo' frizzle?!? That tizzy off the hizzy fo sheezzy!!
by viper April 28, 2003
ANYONE who adds stickers/clear tail-lights, euro windshield wiper, paints their euro windshield wiper, adds a fart pipe, adds 2 fart pipes to a non dual exhaust (see del sol), one who thinks his 4 cylinder rice bucket can beat an 8 or 10 cylinder (see camaro, viper) one who pays $5000 for their car new then adds $50,000 in modifications to their car when they could have just bought a real car with power (see viper, corvette). anyone with a honda who thinks their car is even remotely fast at anything period.
dude this guy tried to race me, i laughed.. he didn't even have clear tail lights and he thought he could beat me!
by viper October 03, 2003

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