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corncunted: Having a vagina large enough to slip one or more ears of corn into, without touching the sides.
Big Mary was having trouble getting laid. the word had gotten around that Mary had become corncunted, and that attempting to have sex with her was a bit like trying to hump the ocean, warm and wet but no real feeling to it.
by Vinter January 27, 2010
Guzzlebopper; A term defining a teen who hangs out with young adults in order to feed his/her desire for alcohol. Usually female, or gay, the guzzlebopper plays to the egos of the older people in the group to ingratiate themselves, and thus gain access to the groups ability to acquire booze.
Saisha hangs out with the boys from the mill. She likes dating older guys as she is a bit of a lush, they laugh at her behind her back and call her a real guzzlebopper. One time when she was passed out they took some very rude pictures of her and posted them on youtube.
by Vinter April 29, 2008
Guygina, an offhand term for the anus of the "bottom' or passive male partner involved in a homosexual relationship.
Mark thought Andy was totally hot, he watched the younger mans round buttocks as he served his customers at the lunch counter and quietly fantasized about inserting his finger into Andy's guygina.
by Vinter January 12, 2010
Ballzheimers Disease strikes many men in their late seventies and early eighties. Medical experts agree a long history of deviant sexual behaviour as well as drinking chemical beer contribute to this disorder, in which the affected men; forget where their balls are, forget they have balls, or begin to play with their balls incessantly forgetting all else.
Barry, fond of telling his favourite stories of barnyard sex, experienced a sudden onset of Ballzheimers disease right after his 81st birthday. Barry forgot his history of having sex with poultry, and began to watch "Oprah" and reruns of "Little house on the Prairie".
Barry forgot all about constantly fondling his balls while he talked, forgot all about sex in general, and soon was completely overtaken by the disease.
by Vinter July 21, 2008
Cuntemolegist: A specialist in the field of cuntemolegy. Many young men and even women these days begin early stages of this training in high school, continuing on to university or college, and into early adulthood. Professional cuntemolegists must pass the bar exam offered only by the Vernon Associated Genital Inspectors National Association, or simply V.A.G.I.N.A. Professional cuntemolegists must log over one thousand hours of intimate vaginal inspection and be able to log and classify all known types of human vaginas.
Tony was in deep in preparation for his cuntemolegists exam, the four girls in his dorm room lay side by side on his bed, legs high in the air, while Tony tested various theories of taste, stimulation, and sensatation. Tony loaded new batteries in the cuntemolegists secret weapon, the high speed monstervibe! bearded clam pussy gash
by vinter July 01, 2010

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