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The right age to start having sex, according to Chef on South Park
Chef: "The right time to start having sex is 17."
Sheila: "So you mean 17 as long as you're in love?"
Chef: "Nope, just 17."
Gerald: "But what if you're not ready at 17?"
Chef: "17, you're ready."
by vilescamp March 16, 2004
1. An underated veteran death metal band from New York formed in the late 80's. They make techincal and brutal, with elements of grindcore, and speed metal fathering a new subgenre.

2. The best death metal band ever.
Suffocation released Effigy of the Forgotten in 1991.
by vilescamp March 16, 2004
A punkass young male, usually of Black, Peurto-Rican or mixed decent with a very untasteful and ugly afro, and a shitty personality.
That mothercfuckin' Bush Baby was driving like shit.

Eric P is a Bush Baby.
by vilescamp March 18, 2004
partially derived from the word "knocker", and almost acts as a possible subsitution for "nigger" but takes on a unique meaning that can only be understood by a "naca" himself

1. a real good buddy, or friend, who never lets you down.
2. a member of a tight group of friends that play it cool, and always know how to make things interesting.
1. Joe is my naca.
2. Whats up naca?
by vilescamp March 16, 2004
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