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completely annoying female "singer" whose song lyrics have nothing to do with anything. my cat can write better songs. some people think she is hot, but i really don't know what they are talking about. she used to be with the black eyed peas, or might still be but who really cares.
fergie is one of those people that makes me wonder if it is really that easy to become famous
by viktoria December 10, 2006
a television network that claims to play music and once upon a time did, but now they just have shows to make people feel insucure and worthless unless they are perfect and popular. they aren't even about music (as their name claims to be) any more. people think that it is aimed for people in their teens, but now their are little 10 year olds watching and being brain washed into thinking that is how they should act to be "popular". basically it evil and corruptive, and don't watch!
10 year old girl: "i was watching MTV last night and they got all drunk and crazy on The Real World, so i decided to try by drinking way too much alcohol and getting into fights"
god: "so that is how you died"
by viktoria December 10, 2006
a channel that is not as bad as MTV. most music is just one genre (rap), but every now and then they have rock such as the shows subterranean or t-minus rock. other than that there is not much to the channel.
it is like 4 in the moring and i am bored as hell, and absolutely nothing else is on. i'll watch mtv2
by viktoria December 10, 2006
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