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A person whose pornographical preferences require the use of Rule 34 on more than normal occasion. This condition is incurable, and can only be treated with obscure porn.
"Boss/Kouji? What is that pairing? No, it must be....Case 34."
by Videodrome August 09, 2009
A group of planetary inspectors from the Super Robot Wars series that inspects planets for invasion and takeover by the Zuvorg Alliance. Also can refer to more intelligent life-forms who inspect before they invade.
"The Inspectors want nothing more than our resources, our robots, and our women....oh wait, scratch that one, they're too advanced for women."

"As an inspector, I'm going to check out this wasp's nest before I torch the bastards."
by Videodrome July 30, 2009
A game that forces a person to escape a crimson room.

Or, a predicament where you locked yourself in a room.
"Ok, I got the screwdriver from the safe after the wacko projector that required chalk and batteries I found in my bed, NOW WHAT?"

"Oh shit, I locked myself in. It's like that Crimson Room game."
by Videodrome July 30, 2009

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