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Someone who travels all over the world for sex pleasure
Damm! You're such a sextrotter. Have fun on your next trip.
by Victorious August 05, 2007
Origin: Friuli, Italia

n: 1) a decendent of those who are Italian, sophisticated, smart, stylish, and sexy; a person who is ambitious and knows how to love life/cook 2) Born and raised New Yorker/New Jerseyian - which explains why the progeny speak in a "funny" accent. 3) Hockey Enthusiast; Islander Fan
adj: attractive; sarcastic; lovable; instigator; hottness; Victoria
n: Hey, YO... PETRUCCO!
n: Those Petrucco's are so0o smart... and HoTT!

adj: That is so0o Petrucco.
by VictoriouS October 30, 2005
having ample inventory
Jeff was feeling rather inventorious after purchasing an additional 200 million bonds.
by victorious December 18, 2006
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