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Clingons---Those little pieces of shit that remains on your ass after you wipe yourself.
Take the tolet paper and circle uranus with it and search for clingons!
by vernon dutton January 21, 2004
Monkeyshine---The activity of black folks when the boss is'nt looking.
OK, knock off this monkeyshine and get back to work!
by vernon dutton January 22, 2004
Southern term = We got it made---as in the cotton is high enough to hide us while we take a shit.
"We are shitting in high cotton now boy"the old man said as he unhitched the mule from the wagon."Where is your sister?"
by vernon dutton January 20, 2004
Choke my chicken---To masterbate ones self.(male)
After I saw those pictures of your mother, I had to go home and choke my chicken.
by vernon dutton January 21, 2004
Dim-witted pieces of shit you must be with at work.
"Who is he?"---Oh, that is just one of my co-workers.
by vernon dutton January 20, 2004
To take a shit,bowel movement.
I was running late this morning because i had to Drop the kisd off at the pool!
by vernon dutton April 19, 2004
Hey watch this---The last thing sombody yells out before they fuck up bad.
"Hey watch this", Frank yelled before he dove 30 feet head first into 3 inches of water.
by vernon dutton January 21, 2004
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