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The written equivalent of many spoken terms, which expresses surprise which is somewhat more than mild, but which will also avoid potential removal for unsavory language.
"Whale oil beef hooked! We have a tax refund!"
by verbusaccidentibus February 06, 2010
A preamble, often used, which precedes something that the speaker cannot resist the urge to say (for a variety of reasons including loose mouth).
It is also either or both of the following:
Extremely critical of the person being spoken to, Revealing the true nature of the person speaking.
"I don't want to say this, but you're a heartless bastard who is too eager to get into fights"
by verbusaccidentibus February 06, 2010
A naval term used as an excuse by somebody who stumbles into the back of another person, often when the penis of the stumbler is in a somewhat turgid state. The stumbler is blaming the way the ship is rolling about in what is probably a heavy sea.

The usual response to that involves a roll of lino. That is a comparison with a roll of linoleum floor covering, i.e. something hard, thick and long. That may be a warning to not do it again, or a thinly veiled invitation to do it again, only more deliberately. Nobody knows which is which until they respond in the wrong way.
Jim Lad: "What the fuck was that???"

Nobby: "Sorry, roll of the ship"

Jim Lad: "Felt more like a roll of lino"

Nobby: "Oh, interested?"

Jim Lad: "Go and fuck yourself"
by verbusaccidentibus August 06, 2010
Six is the name of the android who was the sex slave on the crew of the cartoon Tripping The Rift.

A girl who is Six is so serenatastic that she is probably is an android after all, and therefore most likely designed for one purpose in a virtual world.

And who could argue with that?
Enough of Chode. Give me Six any day. I don't care if she's virtual, I am virtually in love with her.
by verbusaccidentibus August 09, 2010
A skill that an urban dictionary editor engages when bombarded with attempts to define the name of an allegedly sexy and perfectly horny and delicious male or female, obviously posted by the girlfriend or boyfriend of that person.

Selective No-ness invariably results in a quick and terminal refusal to add the definition.
God, another Toney?
Use your Selective No-ness, buddy!
by verbusaccidentibus February 06, 2010
Somebody who is serenatastic is female voluptuous, and curvaceous, and most likely hardbody.

Most often has superb badonkadonk and good cushion for the pushin.

On a scale of 1 to 37, she scores 40.

This word inspired by many women but mostly serena williams (38-28-44).

Sure, there are guys who disagree, but most grown men who are honest would think she is all of the above.
Freddy: I want a woman who is serenatastic!
Rest of the male population: Join the line.
by verbusaccidentibus August 11, 2010
The zeely zero is named for Zeeland Michigan.
Party animals in Zeeland are the odd ones out, so they usually go to Holland for a good time.
That might seem strange to somebody who doesn't know Zeeland. Any activity in Zeeland is most likely going to be low key, lights out, and face down.
Sexually, the population seems to be mostly traditional and male-superior. That means that most of the men who stay at home and indulge their fantasies usually do so doggy style.
So women in Zeeland who like their men that way are said to prefer the Zeely Zero. Zero means no face to face contact during sex. Therefore, mostly zero interaction satisfaction. They might know what it feels like feel but they might know nothing about the person who it belongs to. Zero again.

Overall, then, the zeely zero is not a good thing.
He told her that her looks weren't important. She thought that was a good thing until she found out it meant she would always be face down on the floor during sex.
Damn, she said, I hate zeely zeroes. I'm heading to Holland for a dutch treat.
by verbusaccidentibus August 06, 2010

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