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A person you find to be attractive (physically, mentally, whatever). Also known as 'puppy love'.
Saki: What's with the flamethrower, Vega?
Vega: My crush is dating another woman. So I went home and I got my flamethrower. Now where's that bitch Brianna?
by Vega June 12, 2003
A word that was made up by Oprah in order to lure parents to be overly cautious for absolutely no reason.
Oprah: "Your daughter is a slut, she goes to rainbow parties, so lock her in a stone cell for the rest of her life, because I'm Oprah and I know everything!"
by Vega October 04, 2003
A person who intelligently experiments with mind-altering chemicles, sometimes to the extent of taking exact measurements and keeping records of experiences.
"John is a complete psychonaut, last night he took 2c-i and now look at him melting away on who knows what with that notepad in his hand."
by Vega February 18, 2004
japanese for happiness
i wish i could have sachi just for a moment.
by vega October 19, 2003
APHELEON: DnB producer from the {U.S. drum n bass for the space race} www.bassfacerecords.com
APHELEON brings the bass for your face !
by VEGA August 27, 2003
A fat, ugly piece of shit. Has the grammatical skills of a 4th grader. Simply put, waste of life.
Damn, it must suck to be Siox.
by Vega October 24, 2004
Awesome, great, cool.
"That movie was ossum."
by Vega September 27, 2003

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