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Another place for losers to listen to repetitious music, while the nice, sensative guys that girls claim to want sit at home in the dark, silently weeping. "Bitter, Me?"
I am not at all bitter about not ever going to prom.
by Vash September 14, 2003
Set of the five most-said words by a Bender robot (Futurama). Other members of the top 10 include chumps, chumpettes, and pimpmobile.
Kiss my shiny metal ass.
by Vash September 24, 2004
Least-said word by a Bender robot (Futurama).
Bender: Antiquing? *BOOM*
by Vash September 24, 2004
something that last for ages, with no end
battle of evermore
by Vash October 23, 2003
its a fucking stupd program that freezes up on you all the tme and causes so many errors...but also a place where you can meet freat people and play with them too but other than that its jus shiat
"sorry bout that..stupid gamespy froze up"
"im gonna kill the people who made gamespy so friken homo"
by vash July 10, 2003
Player X from the Feminem.com Forums is nothing but a poser. He is lower than the classification of Juffalo. He is lower than the parasites that feed off of dung beetle shit. He is a little pussy. At the age of 22, just recently, lost his virginity to a transexual transvestite. In his stupidity, he thought he got her(him) pregnant and broke up with her. He is a low-life worm that will blackmail, even to people that he says are his friends.
Player X licks the asses of the parasites that feed off of dung beetle shit. The only family that will accept him is his transexual lovers.
by Vash May 04, 2004
Pertaining to spam, the language of spam
Man, this is so spammish.
How can I read this? It is so spammish.
by Vash August 01, 2003
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