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the overall best light heavyweight the world has ever seen!He knocked out greats like tito ortiz, jeremy horn, and randy couture.
chuck liddell is the only person to knock out randy couture
by vanilla midget August 21, 2006
born into one of the greatest professional wrestling families ever. He won the NWA world heavyweight and has suffered many losses in his family.he's dead. was in his father's World class championship wrestling.
kerry von erick killed himself when faced with drug charges
by vanilla midget August 04, 2006
a world used by kevin nash to describe the best wrestlers the world has ever seen in chris benoit, eddie guerrero, dean malenko,chris jericho, and others
why did kevin nash ever call them vanilla midgets?what a jackass
by vanilla midget August 04, 2006
an idiot that acts completely negative about wrestling yet it too dumb to quit watching.These mutants hate john cena for no apparent reason except for the fact that they are losers.when they like some they say"that made me mark out!"which is the gayest thing ever!
you are such a smark because you don't enjoy wrestling!
by vanilla midget August 20, 2006

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