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4 definitions by van_tango

A combination of the words "play" and "racism", it is the innocent and comical use of racism that ridicules people of racial minorities whilst avoiding the damaging legal reprocussions.
Is is most commonly used between friends.
Tara: "Are you going to get those black spots that Morgan Freeman has when you get older?"

Luke: "The playcism i endure *sighs*"
by Van_Tango November 06, 2007
Cunnilingus while the woman is on her period.
This is followed by an open mouth kiss which is ideally bloody.
Adam: I think i might be a vampire!
John: Why would you think that?
Adam: Jill requested I perform a rainbow pash on her last night and i quite enjoyed it.
Adam: Stop biting my neck!
by van_tango January 16, 2008
1. Proof that evolution occured.
The penis baffles me. Why would a town planner combine the most commonly used waste disposal system with the pleasure centre? I renounce all religion!
by Van_Tango November 08, 2007
taking vowels out of words doesn't always make the cool.
Brent: srsly?
Angela: Taking vowels out of words doesn't always make them cool!
by van_tango January 16, 2008