4 definitions by vamp

1. the greatest, mother fuckn, rap group ever! All 9 of them rule

2. gone out of your mined in other words f-upd, Wutang'd you can also use geeked or tweeked
"Fuck im wutanged outta my mind"
by vamp February 24, 2005
Code and slang for doing any sort of drug you can chop up and snort
"Aye, i got 40 in it chop it"
by Vamp February 24, 2005
pump fake nation is a hip hop group also known as p.f.n. located in atascdaero and morro bay california. the members are aqua fresca, vamp, def dub, gnome, and d day.
1. dam have you heard pfn's new song? it is so tight!

2. the pump fake nation is the best thing to hit cen-cal
by vamp November 14, 2004
The name of a vampire in a very old horror movie by the same name, it is sometimes used to refer to vampires in general, when one does not wish to use the popular term "vampire"
Jake is always afraid to make cliched remarks, why just the other day he said to me: "I was bitten on the neck by a handsome nosferatu."
by Vamp June 11, 2003

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