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The BEST of the west. School made up of the best people on earth...the kids from real colorado come here AKA people without money coming out of their ears. Badass mascot COWBOYS!! Only school in the state so we got wyoming pride even the out of staters. If your from wyoming you can come here for basicly free and if your out of state its most likley cheaper than an in state school. You can do whatever your want party, hiking, shooting, hit up the buckhorn or the cowboy. Great academics and overall just awsome school.
POWDER RIVER....LET 'ER BUCK we all got poke pride!!
trust fund baby: Im going to CU or CSU i really like the enviroment of the campus and the weed.
UW cowboy: I would only go down there to beat the shit out of some faggots.
trust fund baby: thats such a typical university of wyoming comment , as he turns on his BMW.
UW cowboy: your god damn right cause i ride for the brand! as he gets into his chevy.
by uwclass2012 November 26, 2011

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