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An Australian term giving to a person or persons who are very ordinary people- often the worst type of person times that by 1000. Even bigger cunt than Kyle Sandilands.
This term is often quite offensive but if said at the appropriate time, such as when you are referring to a certain Melbourne University's hockey players, it is deemed as befitting language, even around priests and young children.
Player One: Geez that team were a bunch of fucking cunts today.
Umpire: What do you expect, its Melbourne Uni, they are always a bunch of fucking cunts. Even bigger cunts than those UTS fucking cunts. And even bigger fucking cunts than Paris Hilton's fucking cunt.
Team Priest: Oh I've seen Night in Paris and they must be huge fucking cunts then.
Player 1: Oh big fucking cunts.
#fucking cunts #cunts #cunt #fuckwit #cuntface
by uwa11 October 24, 2011
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