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1661 definitions by uttam maharjan

to horse around; to have fun with.
She is a sort of girl who likes to yuk it up with even strangers.
by uttam maharjan December 15, 2011
short for denomination, especially when it applies to a currency.
A fiver is a note of small deno.
by uttam maharjan November 21, 2011
to masturbate into a condom.
Whenever he masturbates, he condomasturbates.
by uttam maharjan October 12, 2011
something that is not acceptable.
Your marriage proposal is a stick-in-the-craw.
by uttam maharjan October 08, 2011
hesitant; wavering between two things or opinions.
He cannot decide at once. He is so hot-and-cold.
by uttam maharjan July 26, 2011
an upset stomach.
The boy is suffering from a Delhi belly.
by uttam maharjan July 01, 2011
a person who frequently visits McDonald's and who is fond of the food and drink served there.
I am not a McDonald duck.
by uttam maharjan June 07, 2011