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Usana is a health and nutrition company that produces pharmaceutical grade nutritionals and is the only FDA-Registered supplement, is in the PDR, and has a permanent sponsorship with the WTA. Usana utilizes a network marketing system that is not MLM, but is merely designed for the average person to become successful. Usana associates consist of people from all different age groups. Many younger associates in California have reached success, leading many to believe that Usana associates consist of only people in their late teens and early 20s. Small-minded people often go out of their way to speak ill of Usana because they have nothing better to do with their lives.
Jim: Hey man, so you get a summer job yet?

Todd: No, but I got a business.
Jim: Cool! What company?

Todd: At Usana! Wow they really changed my life! you should definitely come check it out.
Jim: Really? Sure i'll try it out.

After seeing the company...

Todd: So you've seen the company and you've seen the product. Are you ready to get started?
Jim: I dunno, I have to pay money up front to work here?
Todd: No, you pay for products. You don't have to, but in order to be ethical, you might as well know what you're selling.
Jim: I dunno dude, apparently money is not an issue when you have a job, but I can't afford a $400 tax write-off. I can, however, afford cigarettes and video games.
Todd: Well if you really want to get started, I can help you find a way.
Jim: Hell no, fuck you, Usana is a scam.

3 years later..

Todd: Hey Jim, how's life going?
Jim: It's ok. I used to work at Border's, but they shut down, so now I'm working at McDonald's. I'm kind of struggling with rent right now and my girlfriend dumped me because I can't take her out anymore. How about you?
Todd: Aw, sorry to hear that. For me, money is no longer an issue because I recently achieved the option to retire thanks to Usana.
Jim: Really? Maybe it's not a scam. Can I join now?
Todd: I'll think about it.
by usna1 July 13, 2011

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