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a technique used to avoid losing "the game". When you here the game, think that you heard The Fame, the album by Lady Gaga
Kid 1:hey

Kid 2:what

Kid 1:the game

Kid 2:The Fame, i love that album
by urworsthacker01 November 02, 2011
spraying axe deodorant on a public surface to feel gangster and not get in trouble
Look at this Axe I stole from the mini mart, I'm gonna Axe Tag in the back of the mini mart cause that's how I roll.
by urworsthacker01 December 23, 2011
the "last minute" motivation you give yourself on your way to work in your car
I just had the best weekend ever. I need some automotivation because this coffee isn't going to help. I'll listen to music and talk to myself on the whole ride to work.
by urworsthacker01 October 08, 2011
Troll Out Loud-trolololo aloud
I asked where an at&t store is at a verison store,TOL.
by urworsthacker01 October 28, 2011
a style of flicking someone off by holding you middle finger up near your head to look like a unicorn

-mostly used while riding a bike
That boy who lives down the block rode by my house on his bike and gave me the unicorn.
by urworsthacker01 December 30, 2011

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