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A state of mind where one is unaware that they are in fact in love with a person, usually ones best friend (gender irrelevant).
"You and Claire are in idiot love"
"My brother is in idiot love with Betty"
by urban ruby October 29, 2007
Term used to express dissapointment-retro style! Substitute for a more vulgar word in the presence of children and authority figures.
"I didn't get that new job. Rats!"
"Rats! We are out of wine".
by urban ruby October 29, 2007
form of;/ courting ritual generally used by professional/cranium loving people to entice the intellect (aka brain/largest erogonous zone).. necessary connection if one hopes to fornicate with the highest form of cromagnum man (woman)

male version_"dude that chick is hot,"yah but i dont have the energy to brain-fuck her tonight"
female version "Sister, he's cute but he hasn't brain- fucked me yet"
by urban ruby October 29, 2007
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