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A gang word often used to describe those who perform an abnormal action.
It is unclear as to where the word had originated from, however theologists theorise that it came from a province of Great Britain, more so in Western borough's of Greater London. The language of Spajish, members of the cult are referred to as Spajals and eat Spajjeti.

The word is made up of two words.
Spas + ?? = Spaj
remember that girl on webcam yesterday?

-yeah what happened with her eh?

well she wasn't waving me bye .. i-ii-i think .. i think she was waving her fart away

-JOMG you serious?!


-what a spaj!

hey wasnt it your sister (?) :S

-wtf :|
#fart #webcam #waving #sister #friend #history #samosa. minmin #math... #science history unravelling the mystery that all strted with a big bang! bang! #spajtastic #spajarama #spaaaaaaajjjj
by uploading_guy September 12, 2009
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