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when you havta poopie real bad, and you only make it to the door of the stall and then...S_C_H_P_L_A_A_A_T_! on the floor like a donkey ...a variation of 'sky-chippin'.

alt. - an advanced sex position involving a hinged gate.
Man, after those wings and old mud tall boys last nite, I had a turrible donkey door.
by upchuckk April 02, 2008
a surprise, specifically a dirty diaper, found and consequently devoured by your dog whilst on walkies in the park.
We were walking the dogs in the park the other day. When we turned around for a minute they had a Treasure Hunt. That was so damn nasty I almost chuckked, but they scored bonus points for diarrhea.
by upchuckk April 03, 2008
F*cking Lame-O, loser, turd bucket, uniballer
That FLO shorted me on my bag again.
by upchuckk March 28, 2008
killing time in Lancaster County, PA ...perhaps with fat girls at the corn maze...

don't wave the flag, just run, run, run.
"Didja go to the hay auction up in Intercourse oncet?"

"Na, we went to the puppet show up in Bird-in-Hand"


by upchuckk April 18, 2008

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