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The place in between a girls legs that fits a tool, generally but not limited to, a penis
I was approaching the gap last night when i saw a toothbrush already in it, so i turned away
by unsinkable February 20, 2008
Sometimes also known as a very stiff and throbbing penis, that is about to open fire.
David: "I think she likes me."
Daniel: "How do you know."
David: "I stuck my gun up her."
by unsinkable February 15, 2008
A replacement girl for times of need when your girlfriend is on her rags
Daniel: "What did you do tonight sir"
Dave: "Nothing at all, my girlfriend is on her rags again"
Daniel: "Time to call up your ragplacement"
Dave: "Good idea Sir Daniel"
by Unsinkable May 28, 2008
A rather small and/or tight vagina, most probably owned by a woman that has not had sexual intercourse before
"I was about to have sex with this woman last night but she had a kittie and i couldnt fit... instead i just licked it"
by unsinkable February 15, 2008
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