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a highly obnoxious, forced anglicization of the word "shops." this alteration of the aforementioned, socially acceptable word ("shops") is prevalent in tourist traps and other kitschy locations (i.e. pennsylvania). intended to sound homey and old fashioned, this vernacular does not mesh well with the 21st century. note: this verbiage seems to be a favorite of the QVC crowd.
"Let's go to Lancaster County, PA, and visit the Shoppes. Perhaps we can find some *priceless* antiques or some new Anne Geddes photo albums!"
by unmoutonsvp January 05, 2006
Trying to make s'mores in a grill.
Last night was a failure! At least chocolate, graham crackers, and marshmallows are good separately and not heated.
by unmoutonsvp September 24, 2006
code word for "everyone be quiet it's a surprise party!"
hey guess what..."suploo!"
by unmoutonsvp August 09, 2006
the music one listens to for optimal vehicular cruising
when i go on my cross-country road trips and journeys to the supermarket, i love rolling down the windows and pumping the cruisic!
by unmoutonsvp May 03, 2008

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