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epitome of beauty.... term for seeing a beautiful girl
OMFG that girl is a faustine
by unknown November 16, 2003
an extraordinarily attractive female, whom you are in aquantance with. Similar to a fox.
Look at jackson, what a mink
by unknown December 11, 2002
The man is standing while doing the woman from behind (she is on hands and knees). The man pulls her arms out from beneath her, causing her face to lay on the carpet, then proceeds to run her around the room, causing rug burn.
Jenny has 3rd degree rug burns from the Admiral.
by unknown March 02, 2005
Best Video Game ever made. Yes , that means Warcraft 3, Counter Strike, Battle Field 1942, Starcraft.
I shall use Ryu in street fighter
by Unknown August 21, 2003
a girl must be calm as the male takes his hand and curls it into a fist then with his tounge he is going to lick the rim of the girls pussy for a easy slidein then he puts his fist in and moves it in and our really fast to satisfye the girl.
wow!you sure can fist really good
by unknown October 03, 2004
Term coined by the Beastie Boys and used as one who finds kick-ass shoes for another. (plural form)
Oh yeah, we have a sneaker pimp. He goes and finds rare shoes for us.
by unknown July 16, 2004
America's peculiar brand of evangelical born again christian facists.
The Talibornagain want to ban gay marriage and legalize assault weapons.
by unknown December 06, 2004
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