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a standardized test in Mass that you need to pass to graduate, may be recognized with the feeling of being so bored you want to stick your #2 pencils in your nostrils and pretend to be a walrus
B:....I have the mcas tomorrow
A: Hmmmm... i see your piont
by unknown April 06, 2005
A being with unnatural talent in the artistic field, able to win the attention of her peers and higher ups. Naturally free flowing magnificent black hair. Someone that can only be matched by her Kelly in strength, fortitude, artistic and literary talent. One who Strives for a goal and never stops until it is accomplished. A being that is heavenly in appearance, yet ruthless in attitude
I met a Roxie on the way to school and was overwhelmed by her striking personality.
by Unknown January 02, 2005
A country word people in Texas call the Dallas-Fort Worth area.
He lives on the other side of the Metroplex.
There are too many people in the Metroplex.
by Unknown October 07, 2004
A Cheating Bitch, is usualy the term used to refer to a girlfriend, or wife, that cheats on their boyfriend or husband.
You F**king cheating bitch how could you do this to me.
by unknown March 20, 2003
anus or asshole
She wants me to give it to her in her poop chute
by unknown November 16, 2002
the best web site ever
deeker is a site with diaper stories.
by unknown April 09, 2005
epitome of beauty.... term for seeing a beautiful girl
OMFG that girl is a faustine
by unknown November 16, 2003

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