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well known for 69 mostly the man eats out the woman but if you r lucky its woman on woman
tyler eats out his girlfriend everynight while neek givs his dad wet blowjobs everynight and then gets fucked analy by his dad while neek begs for it harder
by unknown January 27, 2005
The thing that girl have when they reach climax. ( By the way, this is getting boring, so this will be the last definition for ever, they are true!!)
Chelsea couldn't find another guy, so she got Pat Hurt done, in the meantime with him, she had her orgasm.

Also, when Cheslea masterbates, she has many orgasms.
by Unknown September 26, 2004
n: the act of anal coupulation, especially with another man
dev gave random a good hard dox
by unknown June 02, 2003
one who thinks she is the best..who thinks she deserves the center of attention..and thinks no one gets her game but everyone does...
I am tami....nothing i do is wrong
by unknown February 24, 2004
Sweatin; makin someone feel like they the shit
"I aint stuntin that nigga!"
by unknown December 11, 2003
A popular disease in Africa.
"gotta love aids!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
by unknown April 20, 2005

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