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Innocent at first sight and gets away with everything. She is not a goodie goodie as you think she is. Inside her there is a little devilish girl. Very shy at first but the most amazing person after you meet her. She is short, crazy and adorable, She is very beautiful and always knows what to say. She doesn't care about how she looks or how others think of her. She loves to be herself. A leslie does what sets on her mind. She is determine to accomplish her goals. She loves to party and hang out with her friends. You will never see her in a bad mood she always seems to hide her feelings with a smile,she has been through a lot in life. If you hurt someone she leave she will kick your ass. period.
Friend: i come to leslie when i need help with anything
by unicornsnpandas March 20, 2013
Very socially awkward. Innocent at first sight.Once you get to know her, you will be lucky to have her as a friend. She is very beautiful, loving, thoughtful. She will give up anything for her friends. She has been through a lot in life but always overcomes it. Once you get to meet a llanira she will be very shy in the beginning but if she gets comfortable with you she will become the most craziest girl you will ever know.
Friend: aww thanks for giving me money! I needed it so much! God bless you llanira
by unicornsnpandas March 20, 2013

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