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2 definitions by unemployed

Chunks of plaque and horrid smelling bacteria that reside in the crypts in ones tonsils. Often spontaneously expelled at high speeds with a sneeze or cough.
In the middle of my interview I hacked up a nice gray sneeze nugget. It smelled like rotten ass and landed on the desk in front of me.
by unemployed June 13, 2003
50 19
1. to equal; being less than the standard expected in a certain situation by your friends.

2. word used in place of the equal sign commonly used in instant message conversation.

3. word used in place of any negative adjective.
1. (friend #1): "What did you do tonight?"
(friend #2): "I had sex with a fat girl."
(friend #1): "Man...YOU EQUAL!"

2. "You = not straight"
by unemployed January 01, 2006
12 12