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When Someone says something that you told them, expecting they won't say anything

someone tells a secret.
"Diane put me on shout to Warren!"
"Look you told Shena____________, basically you put me on shout"
by undefined November 18, 2002
a fucking cute guy that is so fucking sweet. i love him with all my heart and i would never wanna lose him. he is my hero; i wish i was his everything. i wish he loved me the same way i love him. hes my world. i dont know what i would do without him
i love shaquille. i love you. i miss you. i'm sorry baby.
by undefined April 16, 2005
The date of the Blackout on the east coast of North America in 2003 - August 14, 2003. The day when electricity died for about 2 days and nothing electronic worked.
I couldn't do anything during 814! I was bored out of my mind!
by undefined April 20, 2005
the biggest pimp on the west coast who goes to MV
Look at him, what's his name? Yoni.
Yoni? well then he's gonna have to have my yoni.
by undefined January 05, 2005
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