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undisputed "greatest wide reciever ever" in the NFL who spent most of his career with the 49ers
i would have rather seen rice retire than drag on his career with other teams
by uncle sam December 08, 2004
a term used in online games describing a player joins or switches to the side that is winning
this is frowned upon in many gaming communities, especially when it gives the winning side a 2+ player advantage
kick the noob win joiner!
by uncle sam December 28, 2008
who gives a hell
generic noob #5343: I am teh ghey!!!
John Doe: wgah
by uncle sam October 08, 2003
to make a an egregious and uncompromising mistake. one that that will publicly affect your career, the careers of your peers and colleagues, your political party, your country, its standing in the world, and maybe the world itself.
the speaker of the house pull a Boehner and now the world has ended.
by Uncle SAM October 06, 2013
a male transy who posed in the Urban Terror community as a goth chick using a voice converter, and pics off a goth porn site and bailed out when people found the pictures that he claimed was femfatal. He now engages in consensual sex with members of the Joint Operations community who apparently dig transy goths.
what kind of loser goes through such lengths to pose as a girl? a fag?
by uncle sam December 11, 2004
now used in the tech world to mean Image Quality
i wonder which video card has better iq
by uncle sam April 16, 2004
the medium pathetic llama noobs usually use to bother others in the cyber world
only idiots get aol
by uncle sam August 06, 2003

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