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1. Any act directed toward one's significant other that exhibits self-destructive, emotionally abusive, or inconsistent behavior.

2. To blame those closest to you for issues you create in your head.

3. Displaying extreme acts of cowardice.

4. Projecting. See also psychological projection.
When your girlfriend moves across the country to be with you, but has to go "home" for a cardiology appointment, you have ample opportunity to "Swink" it. Also known as: ignoring her and letting her find you on several dating websites saying you're wealthy, single, and looking for a relationship. Luckily for you, she will be 1800 miles away and therefore incapable of doing anything about it. You will have zero consequences and can easily pretend she doesn't exist. Also known as: you are a spineless cheating bastard.

If the description above portrays you, you must be Swinkin' it..
by unanimous32 September 24, 2012

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