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Groupies and fans of the retail giant Walmart . Found hanging around , inside or outside WalMart , often longer than necessary to complete shopping ...sometimes not shopping at all .

Lifeless slags and bums hanging around outside of WalMart
I had to almost fight my way through the pack of Wallyboos just to get a gallon of milk today.
by ultramagB May 17, 2010
One , who isn't necessarily gay themselves , but is sympathetic to the cause of making homosexuality more acceptable and mainstream .
I told Mike his pants looked pretty gay , and two homopologists that happened to hear us talking , jumped right in to the conversation telling me I shouldn't use that word so casually.
by ultramagB August 01, 2011
A worthless drain on society . A freeloader . Usually jobless and drawing state-aid in one form or another. Can be either male or female and of any race or religion .
I'm getting sick and tired of all my taxes going to these freeloading slags that refuse to get a damned job.
by ultramagB August 01, 2011

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