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the area inside the anus.
specifically the final run of the colon or small intestine.
passage commonly used by arse pirates and butt monkeys alike.
"help me doctor your forceps are stuck in my anal cavity"
by ulises May 22, 2004
homosexual deviants who use unorthodox methods to perform sexual intercourse on each other.
most commonly found in America and Greece.

may be mistaken for "semen jockeys"

commonly known as "meat lovers" or "poop pokers".
"boy band Blue are a bunch of Arse Pirates"
by ulises May 22, 2004
Native Australian Aboriginal gangstas.
the alternative to be used in reference to white people is Europeewee.
"yo yo look out Mavis that gang of Madoriginals is 'bout to steal your paint cans"
by ulises May 22, 2004
"The Bible is an entirely fraudulent document, any similarities between characters in this book and real life are purely coincidence and the author takes no responsibility for any similarity"
by ulises May 22, 2004
commonly used as an insult toward white settlers who raped the land and the natives.

the alternative which can be applied to Native Australians: Madoriginal
"hey Yolngu Boy look out that gang of Europeewees is 'bout to steal your babies and build houses and parliament buildings on your holy land"
by ulises May 22, 2004
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