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3 definitions by ukperson

A type of person that is never alone without his best mic by his side!

He is hot & cool & cute & sexy & loving & sweet &

and the kind of person you would love to meet!
by ukperson July 17, 2009
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Haddie.."uk" is an English person.
He is best known online for late night Broadcasting & Chatting to his many many many fans!

He is hot & pretty & kewl & nice & loving & stylish & young very young, even younger! & slim, has brown hair & green eyes.

If you want him, Google Him!
by ukperson July 16, 2009
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Texan Danny is your friendly Texan from Texas.
He is best known online for getting to know all of you!

He is gentle & loving & caring & cool & well mannered & young very young, even younger than his buddy! has dark brown hair & brown eyes & says Howdy yall, Rubbish, oh Hell, Datty and Oopsydaisys.

If you want him, Ask someone who knows him!
by ukperson July 17, 2009
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