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A type of person that is never alone without his best mic by his side!

He is hot & cool & cute & sexy & loving & sweet &

and the kind of person you would love to meet!
by ukperson July 17, 2009
Haddie.."uk" is an English person.
He is best known online for late night Broadcasting & Chatting to his many many many fans!

He is hot & pretty & kewl & nice & loving & stylish & young very young, even younger! & slim, has brown hair & green eyes.

If you want him, Google Him!
by ukperson July 16, 2009
Texan Danny is your friendly Texan from Texas.
He is best known online for getting to know all of you!

He is gentle & loving & caring & cool & well mannered & young very young, even younger than his buddy! has dark brown hair & brown eyes & says Howdy yall, Rubbish, oh Hell, Datty and Oopsydaisys.

If you want him, Ask someone who knows him!
by ukperson July 17, 2009
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