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1) {when about person} ugly, butters, disgusting
2) {when about thing, e.g. food} horrible, nasty
3) general negative word
Derived from the word dutty, meaning dirty
1) "Man that bitch is datty!"

2) Man 1: "Wanna go to the slug & Lettuce?"
Man 2: "Nah man, the food is datty there!"

*No offence to anybody who works, owns, likes or has ever seen a slug & lettuce, is only an example* :)
by "Youngie" January 15, 2009
Variation on the word "Dutty" meaning dirty. Used to describe something negative.
i.e. dat shit woz datty man!


dat man is a datty brare.
by Japes November 26, 2007
When an action/phrase sounds wrong/dirty. Used by the idiot boys that think their gangsters.
Ohhh, that is just datty, man. What a guy.
by Mini Mix November 26, 2014
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