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'Welching' is the clunking of the base of a beer bottle or glass, whilst making various grunting or 'pirate-sounding' noises such as arrrrrr, or oarrrrr... etc etc. This is as opposed to 'clinking' or 'chinking' of the top of a bottle, and it perceived as far more masculine when in a group of lads who are all very drunk, and in agreement of a certain point of topic.

It is often accompanied by the raising of one's right elbow upwards, whilst making other peculiar noises, that would suggest that one has slightly lost the plot.
There was some serious welching going on last night!

When in agreement, one member calls out 'welching!' and group members proceed to welch in above said fashion.
by ukbuckstop July 09, 2010
A cross between a hippy and a gypsy. Having the qualities of both, but pertaining to neither in particular.

A hipsy is typically someone who wants to party, attend festivals regularly, and travel constantly.

A hipsy is cool, trendy and always with the times.

A variation on the word hip also, suggesting that it's hip to be a hipsy.
If we were all hipsys the world would be a far better place.
by ukbuckstop December 19, 2010
A much cooler way to say I think that it is not.
Is it possible for spare ribs to get any messier? Methinksnot. Nom.

*Wipes chin*
by ukbuckstop October 29, 2011
A relationshit is typically defined as a relationship that you are hanging on to, something that makes you feel like shit and you know it but still hang on to it for reasons unknown or known.

A relationshit is also when both involved are screaming at each other all the time and know it's best to go separate ways but both are too lazy to make a proper break.

Relationshit is a state of affairs of a rather desperate, sad situation between two people.

It can also be used to describe relationships as a whole, which are usually rubbish because of all the shit, hence relationshits.
I've been in this relationshit for 5 years now and I have never been so unhappy.

Relationshits can go fuck themselves.
by ukbuckstop October 26, 2012

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