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A way cool RPG for Xbox and PC
Morrowind is the best thing since buttered toast.
by UISjackolope April 30, 2003
A fat kid who sits at home and gets stpid people to think he's a robot. He's got a really unfunny comic about him living with two guys. They say they get drunk and party alot but I'm sure their really training to be THE BEST DUNGEON MASTERS EVER!
Bubbleman-or whatever the stupid little kid's name is-should've pick a better robot to pretend to be.
by UISjackolope April 04, 2003
A guy who acts like an asshole to people to make himself look better.
TheNuke should've picked a better place to make fun of people (in order to make himself look better) other than the internet.
by UISjackolope April 04, 2003
A guy who thinks UISjackolope is the best "n00b". Damn straight
CancervsSuicide knows the score!
by UISjackolope April 30, 2003
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