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A person who cannot spell, and doesn't know how to go to the bathroom without help.
Wow Mr. Retard, you're such a TheNuke.
by sonicsnake10 January 29, 2003
When you snort anti-depressants like thenuke, then you look like a dumbass.
Just look at the poor fool.
by sonicsnake10 January 29, 2003
A guy who acts like an asshole to people to make himself look better.
TheNuke should've picked a better place to make fun of people (in order to make himself look better) other than the internet.
by UISjackolope April 04, 2003
When you snort anti depresants you feel good
TheNuke is > Sonicsnake10
by TheNuke January 29, 2003
ok when you have to make up facts to insult someone, you look like a dumbass
sonicsnake10 is a dumbass
by TheNuke January 29, 2003
Known for his unbounding sense of humor, The Nuke is able to post in threads as fast as lightening. He also shares the same IP address as wordUISjackolope/word
The Nuke, you so silly!
by Tanooki January 29, 2003

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