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1. A slang word for penis.
2. Somebody's name or their nickname.
3. An insulting word used to define someone who thought/did something stupid.
Caroline: Wow he's got a big willy, see? You know, that bulge in his pants?

Bill: Hey Willy! Watsup, man?

Joe: I can't believe he thought that! What a willy...
by uhhhhhhhhhh March 04, 2007
A joke phrase... (Spell ihop and say nis after) if you say it quickly it's "I ate your penis".
ihop nis
Joe: spell ihop and then say nis!
Bill: why?
Joe: just do it.
Bill: I ate your penis?
Joe: ahahhahaha.
Bill: what?
by uhhhhhhhhhh March 04, 2007
Love you guys like family.
Jane: Bob dumped me today.
Joe: I knew he was an idiot! How are you? Are you ok?
Bill: What a loser!!!! Why the hell would he do that?!?!?
Amy: OMG!! he doesnt deserve you!!
Jane: Thanks... lyglf.
by uhhhhhhhhhh March 04, 2007

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