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A small town in Northern New Mexico thats population is growing at an alarming rate due to all the teen pregnancies it was recently forced to build a Wal-Mart and Chili's who's parking lot is where you will find the majority of the population. Around any given corner you will find someone having baby daddy or baby mama drama, a hooker, a fight, someone getting high or tweeking, a Mexican restaurant, or someone bitching about how their low rider got high centered on the curb. This small town is filled with wanna be cholos that like to cruise around in their low riders smoking a joint looking for hoodrats with no concern for the future. Also known as Spana
I hate this town there is nothing to do." "At least you don't live in Espanola." "True true.
by uhhhgggagainwiththequestions April 26, 2011

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