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a reference to the male genitals as a lure for a mate, much like fishing lures are referred to as fishing tackle
My wedding tackle got tangled up in a bush.
by Ugly Dave August 29, 2007
the state of having fecal matter in one's vagina as a result of wiping from back to front. Also see btf
My ex-wife had poopycooch that I just couldn't get close to.
by Ugly Dave September 28, 2007
greasy residue that accompanies flatulence often after eating rich or oily foods
I just greased my shorts with fart butter.
by Ugly Dave August 28, 2007
A squeeky fart, usually the result of involuntarily passing gas while clenching one's buttocks to prevent a noisy escape of flatulance.
As we leaned in for our first kiss, I felt the pressure building inside me. I tried hard to hold it in, but accidentally released an embarrasing tweet.
by Ugly Dave November 01, 2011
Replacement word for beer when in the presence of individuals who may be offended or negatively influenced by consumption of an alcoholic beverage
Dad's favorite drink is barley soda. It makes him fall down sometimes. I like root beer.
by Ugly Dave January 10, 2008
1. Any information that is gathered through research or from spy operations such as CIA or Police investigations.
2. Bullshit.
George Bush: "I believe our best intellipoop suggests that Iraq may have weapons of mass destruction"
by Ugly Dave July 12, 2009
Information, facts, or news about current events, political wranglings, cool new gadgets, or just about anything you can have a conversation about.
I went to Infopoop.com to get the latest infopoop on global warming.
by Ugly Dave July 12, 2009

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