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One of the greatest clothes stores in the world. Provides many different styles so you don't end up being a poser.
See:(Acronym)Hot Topic
I just got some extra baggy at Anchor Blue.
by Rob D. August 28, 2003
Clothing store. Sells some decent clothing. Some of there stuff is pricey but worth whatever you pay. One thing I dont like about Anchor Blue's clothing is that they tend to shrink ALOT after washing. So I recommend you buy a size larger then what you normally wear for best fit.
I got a good deal on some basic tee's from Anchor Blue.
by Cm567 August 21, 2006
very cool place to work for college students in albuquerque, nm
Last night Steph had a closing shift at anchor blue.
by stephanie Neubeck July 28, 2003
coolest store in the world

nice place for AzN clothes
Hey Kyung, let's go to Anchor Blue and get some HUGE-size pants that don't even fit our legs.
by Anonymous April 15, 2003
if you buy a shirt everybody you know also buys it. it is the epitome of pissing people off. their pants are nice though.
i bought 3 shirts from anchor blue and when i wore them to school i saw three people with the same shirt and i killed myself.
by DavidLee!! January 31, 2009
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