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Same as "Jesus", 'cept ghetto. The lips don't flap round
those consonants sometimes like they do fo' white fo'ks.

"Help me, BeJebus!"
by UCSteve July 17, 2009
First of all, ignore those other ignorant definitions. A zahir is a person, object, or thing that, once one has looked upon it or
considered it for but a single moment, becomes an obsession which slowly takes over a person's life completely. It can be something simple such as a coin or a mummified monkey's paw, or something intangible such as an idea. It can also be a living person or an animal. So "zahir" = something which causes an irresistable obsession in a person.
See, "The Zahir" by Phillip Jose Borges. The internet meme
smile.jpg is a kind of zahir.

For all his ideals had dwindled down to a single obsession, that only she could fulfill his one desire, for Karen had become his zahir.
by UCSteve December 25, 2012
1) June 28, the day of the year when one pie is simply not enough, or
2) The two times each day when a digital clock reads 6:28
(2 X 3.14)
"Break out the pastry, it's 2Pi Time!"
by UCSteve March 14, 2010
Passive or lazy person smoking a pipe but otherwise doing nothing.
Chris said he won't help sweep the shop because "he makes too much dust". He'd rather just smoke his pipe and stand around. What a yard gnome.
by UCSteve November 04, 2009

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