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A european motorcycle manufacturer, similar to husaberg.
KTMs decimate all other competition including Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, and Suzuki. KTMs utilize superior engineering technology compared to japanese motorcycle manufacturers.

The RFS (racing four stroke) engine is one of the best engines KTM ever made.

KTMs are also very successful in getting even the ugliest men laid.

However extreme care must be used around other men as KTMs are known to cause other men to get hard-ons.
Girl: "OMG a KTM, it's so pretty I love it!"
Guy: "Want me to show you how to ride?"
Girl: "Sure, let's go!"
by ucanthavethisusername February 05, 2010
1) The act of farting to cover up another persons fart.
2) When you smell something so freakishly bad you have to fart to cover up the smell.
3) When someone thinks their farts smell good they let air freshener farts frequently.- see fart sniffer
Person 1: "OMG that's awful!"
Person 2: "That's ok, I've got it covered"
Person 1: "OMG it's even worse now! Did you just let an air freshener fart?"
Person 2: "Yep, lovely isn't it?"
Person 1: "I think the tissue in my lungs is dying! Are those acidic?"
Person 1:
Falls to the ground and is now in a comatose state.
by ucanthavethisusername February 05, 2010
The opposite of bi-polar. As defined by Charlie Sheen.

Likely to happen when you bang seven gram rocks, or take the drug Charlie Sheen which is known to melt your face off. Similar things may happen if you have tiger blood or Adonis DNA.
He wins here and he wins there... he's bi-winning
by ucanthavethisusername March 11, 2011
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