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Rejecting a person or idea, especially a romantic advance, before it even has a chance to be presented/offered.
He started to walk over to me, but I prejected his ass by turning my head before he could even make it onto the dancefloor.
by uberJOY July 01, 2003
1. A male person who seems like a strong assertive man on the outside, but closer inspection reveals that he is, in fact, metaphorically dickless and balless, like a male Barbie doll, which is anatomically incorrect; 2. A gutless, spineless man

plural: Mattel men

Not to be confused with a man being called a KEN DOLL, which is synonymous with PRETTY BOY or MIMBO
I thought David had balls, but when I got to know him I realized he was a Mattel man.
by uberJOY July 01, 2004

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