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This is a sound made right before you give someone a hi-five after they have made a bad joke or an awkward comment.
"Dude, I think I am attracted to one of my aunts."


by u-e March 27, 2005
A word that would be better suited to being on the 'oldtimey-dictionary.com' website. If you are told that you have moxy it means one of three things:
1.) What the Hollywood world today calls 'it.'
2.) You have an great amount of courage or bravery to do what you want do to.
3.) You have Herpes (which was originally called Moxygoshthisitchesherpes but was shortened to just Herpes in the mid-60's)
1.) You, my good boy, have moxy and with your dancing monkies you will soon be the toast of Vaudville!!
2.) Barnabus must have a great deal of moxy to just whip it out in front of his girlfriends parents like that.
3.) Sheryl is disgusting...I think she gave me moxy.
by u-e March 29, 2005
1.) One who tries too hard to gain the social acceptance of others.

2.) One who has made a terrible mistake.

also see tool
guy 1: "Hey guys, you guys hanging out? Can I hang out? We can go to the movies or to see a band play or to the mall or..."
guy 2: "Fuck off clownshoes."

guy 1: "Sorry for losing our winning lottery ticket."
guy 2: "Fuck off clownshoes."
by u-e March 31, 2005
1.) Of or pertaining to any of the fish found off the Garbel Coast. Most notablly used in American culture in regards to the smell.

2.) An Eastern Eupopean curse word.

3.) The worst last name a litte kid could even even have.
1.) I dunno about that Rebecca chick...her room totally reeks like a garbelflip.

2.) Vas is der Garbelflip!!!!

3.) Teacher: William Garbelflip
William: *raises hand* Here. *cries for the rest of the day*
by u-e March 29, 2005
a hulking creature resembling a Rhinoceros that meticulously hunts down small Asian children in the urban jungles of San Francisco.
OH NO...Respobsibility...run Shin Pei, RUN!!!!
by u-e August 01, 2005

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