25 definitions by tyrone

Something you stick up your ass when in jail to avoid getting raped.
Ted the Lifeguard put a butt-plug in his anus so randy sasquatch wouldn't rape him
by Tyrone March 10, 2005
A person who does not appeal to their physical and/or psychological needs.
"I'm hungry, but Idont want to eat right now."

"I'm really tired but I dont think I want to go to bed at this moment."
by Tyrone March 07, 2004
A guy who use to be into men, but now has converted back to women.
Jeremy got sick of a dick in his ass so now he is chasing women and leaving all men to yestergay
by Tyrone January 07, 2004
A striped-sweater wearin', cool ass mofo
Yo diggy, whatup dawg
by Tyrone April 15, 2003
From the mud huts of srilanka, the word kumran originated.

It is the new word for gimp
whats wrong with you Kumran?
by Tyrone September 21, 2004
a dead duck shoved up the ass during anal sex then left there to eat the next day
o shit son that fuckerduck feels good in my butt i can't wait to eat it tomorrow
by tyrone August 29, 2003
from thailand, takes the word batty to a new level of gayness.
Go home you bloody tuk tuk
by Tyrone September 21, 2004
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